​I try to make the vague awareness in people manifest and give them awareness.

" The theme of my work is to unravel and record the meaning of the word "awareness" by examining the "obvious" and exploring ways to trace the surface of the media of photography.

​東地雄一郎 /   Higashiji Yuichiro

1983年 愛知県生まれ / Born in Aichi, Japan

2006年 岡山理科大学 生物地球システム学部卒

____Graduated from Okayama University of Science, Faculty of Bio-Earth Systems



2021 Food Art Station~見過ごされるなにかへのアプローチ~

2021 Bookcutting for Mountain

2021 60% of Lucy bones Vol.23~Equipmentの再生~

2020 Bookcutting for moutain

2020 60% of Lucy bones Vol.20 ~HOLLY~

2020 60% of Lucy bones Vol.18 ~A promise to transform~

2020 EVIDENCE/証言_Wrokshop(feat.Crevasse)

2020  r-site[1]  (projected by da大 in print) is start

   ”1/3distance from r-site[1]"is exhibited in kogane-cho_ AIR

2019  60% of Lucy's Bone (join Koganecho AIR)

2019   Participated in SHANGHAI Artbook Fair / Tokyo ArtBookfair

2018   Finalist for Emon Photo Award

2017   Participation in BANKART_Artist in Residence

2016   KYOTOGRAPHIE International Portfolio Review

____The jury selected following photographers

2016   IMA Workshop on Tanaka Yoshihisa completed.

____Yuji Hamada and Masaya Nagai were elected.

2015   Published in the NTMY Issue.3
Jerome Montagne and Alexis Vasilikos(Phases)

[Main exhibition]

-solo exhibition

2022   "A=A A≠A (the Proxy for what we have seen)" KOBE819GALLERY(Kobe)

2020  "A=A A ≠ A (Ring)" KOBE819GALLERY(Kobe)

2020  ”A=A A≠A (○△□)"KOBE819GALLERY(Kobe)

2019  "A=A A ≠ A (building)" KOBE819GALLERY(Kobe)

2018   "A=A A ≠ A (mountain)" Junpu Elementary School (KG+ award)

2018   "A=A A ≠ A (mountain)" KOBE819GALLERY(Kobe)

2018   "A=A A ≠ A (mountain)" TAPGALLERY(Tokyo)

2017   "A=A A ≠ A (mountain)" C7C(Nagoya)

2014   "Everybody knows. Nobody knows" Photo Gallery Psyche

2013   "Ikiutsushi" Photo Gallery Psyche


2022 Hiroshima Art Document ~A=AA≠A(Building)~

2020   Koganecho AIR Achievement Exhibition "VARY" (feat. Crevasse)
2020 ”1/3distance from r-site[1]" (projected by da大 in print)

2018   Emon Photo Award Finalist Exhibition

2018   Exhibiting at SICF18 in 2017(No.c-3)

2016   IMA CONCEPT STORE "Still Unseen Photographs /

____IMA Yoshihisa Tanaka Workshop Completion Exhibition

2016   Einstein photo studio "New Japanese Photography" NY,TOKYO,KYOTO

[Related Publications]

2020   mountain (Crevasse)

2019   n-CITE, c-CITE#2 (da大 in print)

2019   60% of Lucy's Bones Vol. 1, 6, 10 (Crevasse)

2017   A=A A≠A(mountain) 400 page edition xerox edition (self-published)

2016   Limited to 20 copies of the 600-page dummy book

____"Everybody knows. Nobody knows"

2015   128-page edition of "Everybody knows. Nobody knows" (self-published)

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