Page concept of this site

The configuration of the WEBSITE has been changed. One major change is the separation of flow information from stock information, and the added stock information includes not only presenting the work, but even exchanging it.

Concept = Shared Values and can exchange 
The artist profile will be re-edited using the keywords equivalence and exchange.

 ■Values = About Activity itself, including thoughts and attitudes.
  1、Equivalent = Clear description of stock (fixed) information to be shared
           (distinction from flow information)
  2、Exchange = making it possible to exchange information 
          (SNS browsing restrictions and English language support)

<The change>

Form=Change the menu of the TOP page (flow information) which is always updated.

Project=Newly launched page as one of the above form menus

_Relocate the following pages of stock information


______-The concept of A=AA≠A

______-60% of Lucy's bones.

______-Exchange=Pages that suggest Exchange


等価と交換 をキーワードにアーティストプロフィールを再編集する。

 ■価値観 =思考や態度を含めてたActivityそのものについてを対象とする。









Yuichiro Higashiji_Project のProjectサイト。 作品を提示するだけでなく、価値観の共有・交換できることをキーワードにアーティストプロフィールを再編集する。 Project site at The artist profile will be re-edited with the keyword