『ルーシーの骨の60% Vol.18 ~変容する約束~ 』

We will participate in Tomoya Ishibashi's project, which is linked to real time data on the number of infected people. When the number of infected people disappears, the entrance will disappear.

Yuichiro Toji will participate in this project with the following ideas
"60% of Lucy's Bones Vol. 18 - The Transforming Promise
Inspired by the Book Cover Challenge, and inspired by the fact that "no one mentioned book covers," the Book The cover itself is reproduced repeatedly on the photocopier to create a digital image of the transformed image. A series of works.

Yuichiro Higashiji_Project のProjectサイト。 作品を提示するだけでなく、価値観の共有・交換できることをキーワードにアーティストプロフィールを再編集する。 Project site at The artist profile will be re-edited with the keyword